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October 27th

Headrow House


Latest Recipe…

Lemon and Hemp Flapjack

Lemon flapjack is my favourite. Well actually flapjack is my favourite. Gooey on the inside and nice and crisp on the outside. Buttery not crumbly and ever so comforting. This one has a touch of lemon for a lemon drizzle like hit. Try it, it’s the perfect spring bake!


Customers Feedback

I am dairy intolerant which means a lot of the more exciting and special chocolates are no longer an option for me as they often contain milk in some form. That’s why I love Leitchy Creates chocolates, they allow me to experience chocolate as something special and exciting again
— Celine
When I went vegan the only vegan chocolates I knew about were by ‘free from’ brands that I saw in the supermarket, which were mostly full of sugar and lacking in flavour. I first came across Leitchy Creates in summer 2017 and have been buying regularly ever since! They have the look and taste of high quality luxury chocolates, without the sugar crash afterwards. The chocolates are delicious, vegan, allergy friendly, and to top it off they come from an independent business
— Hannah
They don’t taste dairy free like a lot of ‘free from’ chocolates from the shop do. They’re so indulgent and have really interesting complex flavours and they look appealing. You’d never know they were designed for people with intolerances!
— Catrina

Chocolate Themed Recipes...


Chocolate Ganache Tart

Well I do love a rich, indulgent and naughty, smooth and silky chocolate ganache tart with dairy free homemade shortcrust pastry and toasted crunchy flaked almonds. It’s unbelievable. I love to warm mine ever so slightly so it melts, just a tiny bit and then top it with a big lump of vanilla ice cream. Trust me, it’s incredible.


Cardamom and Cacao Truffles

Let the winter recipes commence. Just a little warning, every week throughout winter you’ll find a wintery or festive recipe on my blog because winter = baking and lots of chocolate and sweet treats. Starting with these spiced truffles. Perfect as a christmas gift and also an after dinner treat.


Rocky Road

Thick and crunchy rocky road with chewy dried fruit and crumbly nuts. Whats not to like? Made with my peanut praline bars melted down into a thick chocolate sauce before all the textures are folded through.


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