Pumpkin Spiced Porridge


A little late as I realise it's December Friday but it was so tasty I just had to share! Plus I mean the spices are festive anyway so... 


Ingredients - serves one


Porridge -


60g pumpkin puree

50g quinoa flakes

0.5 tsp mixed spice

a pinch of salt

200ml almond milk

1 tbsp maple syrup


Toppings -


2 tbsp coconut yoghurt

1 tbsp freeze dried blackberries or fresh

1 tsp toasted pumpkin seeds

1 tsp toasted sunflower seeds

1 tsp toasted walnut pieces

a few pinches of coconut curls



Pour the porridge ingredients into a small pan and stir over a low heat until thickened.


Pour the porridge into a bowl.


Dollop the yoghurt in the center of the porridge and sprinkle over the blackberries and toasted nuts and seeds.


Decorate with the coconut curls.