Raw Raspberry, Baobab and Lemon Porridge


Raw doesn't just have to be chocolates or desserts. It can also be a main meal such as breakfast or raw courgetti, noodles, pizza or lasagne for lunch etc. 

Today I'm sharing a breakfast idea, I've made two versions of this. A apple spiced one which is more autumnal and a summery one, which I'm sharing today. 

The nuts are soaked overnight to make them all soft and create that soaked cereal like/muesli texture. Then blended with the summer berries, fresh zesty lime and zingy baobab and sweet coconut it creates a refreshing, cooling and all round beautiful breakfast dish.


Ingredients - serves two


Raw porridge -

80g cashew nuts, soaked for 3 hours, drained and rinsed

30 almonds, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed

1 tsp raw vanilla powder

3 tsp baobab powder

1 lemon zest

40g raw coconut flakes

150g frozen raspberries

0.5 tbsp pure maple syrup

Toppings -

a handful of blueberries

4 tsp raw cacao nibs

2 tsp hemp seeds

Optional - 4 pinches of cranberry powder

170ml cashew milk




Place the coconut flakes, vanilla, baobab and lemon into a food processor and blend until all the coconut flakes are about 1cm in size.

Add the soaked nuts and blend until chopped.

Now pour in the raspberries and maple syrup and blend until everything is combined and sticking together.


Scoop the raw porridge into two bowls.

Sprinkle over the nibs, seeds and powder if using.

Scatter over the blueberries and serve with the milk at the side to pour over as you please.


Leitchy xx