Show and Tell - Salt


Salt. Salt. Salt.

I must admit, this little fella gets a bad or scary reputation. Don’t get me wrong in access, it’s really not the best for you BUT nothing is!

I use just a pinch or two of sea salt flakes in my chocolate when tempering to enhance the flavours more and give it more body. It’s great for just adding that extra Voooomph to a recipe to enhance and bring all the flavours together, to express them in their best form. It’s magical really…

I also sometimes use it on top of my chocolates to play with that sweet and savoury/salty flavour people love. It works especially well on my coffee and walnut bar. Rich coffee with a salty sweet banana, playful topping. Lots of intriguing flavours and exciting textures in that one! Worth a try.

Another way I sometimes use salt is in salted caramel or salted pralines. I have no products using them two YET but who knows what next year may bring!

Play about with sea salt! A little at a time, thats all you need as a little goes a long way.

And yes, everything in moderation.

LC x