Peanut Protein Ganache Tart


A recipe that isn't porridge?! I know haha! Thought I'd start sharing some of the sweets I sell on my stalls from tarts, to cakes, to cookies to pies. First up, a stall favourite. My peanut protein chocolate ganache tart.. it's incredible and great for a more indulgent post workout treat. Enjoy guys x


Ingredients - serves 16

Base -

100g brazil nuts

100g almonds

40g coconut sugar

25g coconut oil

Filling -

210g peanut butter

220g dark chocolate, chopped

2 scoops vegan chocolate protein powder - I used Neat Nutrition

250ml boiling water

70ml maple syrup

Topping -

50g peanut butter


Line a square tin with a few sheets of cling film.

Blend the base ingredients in a food processor until ground and then add water until the mix starts to stick together.

Push the mix into the bottom of the tin until compact and covered.

Blend the filling ingredients, except the water in the food processor until ground.

Add the boiling water and blend until silky smooth.

Pour the mix into the tin.

Dollop the peanut butter all over the filling and then use a knife to swirl it in gently, making patterns.

Pop in the freezer to set for 2-4 hours.

Remove and slice into 16.

Keep in the freezer for 3 months.