Blueberry and Banana Mousse Parfait


Mousssssssse. Anyone else used to be/or still is obsessed with cadburys chocolate mousse pots? I used to gobble two in one go. Now intolerances have got in my way, I like to try and make alternatives for all my favourite things. You've probably seen tons of avocado chocolate mousse recipes sooooo I thought I'd share a lush fruity breakfast version instead. The perfect summer morning fuel. Enjoy x 


Ingredients - Serves two


Mousse -

1 large ripe banana

100g fresh/frozen blueberries

1 avocado

Layers -

2 apricots, quartered

6 heaped spoonfuls of vanilla coconut yoghurt

4 tbsp almond butter

4 tbsp granola of your choice - try my chocolate chip one from my shop

coconut flakes

cacao nibs





Preheat and line a grill with foil.

Pop the apricot quarters, face up on the grill and grill until golden and sticky.

Meanwhile, blend the mousse ingredients in a food processor until smooth and silky.

Layer the mousse, yoghurt, apricots, granola and almond butter in two jars.

Top with a sprinkle of coconut flakes and nibs.

Drizzle with honey/maple and dig in.

Enjoy x