Peanut Butter Billionaires Shortbread


As promised, I'm sharing more baking recipes as I've got a whole lot of breakfast recipes on here already! This is probably my favourite thing I've ever baked. Why? Cookie dough, peanut butter, caramel and chocolate all in the same place and even better, same mouthful! Beautiful!! Try and resist not having more than one piece in one sitting... I challenge you!




Cookie dough base -

85g buckwheat flour

140g ground almonds

20g lucuma powder - optional

40g melted coconut oil

70g maple syrup

65ml cashew milk

a pinch of salt


80g crunchy peanut butter


Caramel -

45g coconut oil

40g cacao/cocoa butter

90g coconut sugar

20g lucuma - optional

30 - 60ml boiling water


Chocolate Ganache -

50g coconut oil

20g cacao/cocoa butter

55g cacao/cocoa powder

60g maple syrup

a pinch of salt


40g crunchy peanut butter




Line a square tin with baking parchment.


To make the base -

In a mixing bowl or food processor, combine the flour, ground almonds, lucuma and salt.

Pour in the melted coconut oil, maple syrup and milk. Mix well/blend until a soft ball of dough has formed.

Press the dough into the lined tin, making sure the base of the tin is completely covered and level.

Make random slashes in the dough base and pour over the peanut butter. Level and press into the dough with the back of a metal spoon.

Pop in the fridge to set.


To make the caramel -

Melt the butter, oil and sugar in a small glass bowl over a pan of boiling water until liquid.

Remove from the heat and whisk in the lucuma if using.

Add a little boiling water at a time and whisk until completely smooth and shiny like caramel. This is a lot easier in a food processor.

Take the tin out the freezer and pour over the caramel. 

Pop in the freezer to set. It needs to be firm before pouring over the top layer.


To make the chocolate ganache -

Melt the oil and butter in the same glass bowl over a boiling pan of water until liquid.

Remove from the heat and whisk in the cacao powder, maple and salt. (again a lot easier in a food processor) Adding boiling water to help make shiny if needed.

Pour this layer over the set caramel. Ensuring it spreads over the caramel and completely covers it.

Then use a teaspoon to blob randoms spoonfuls of peanut butter all over the chocolate layer. Use a knife to then swirl the peanut butter around the ganache to make pretty patterns.

Pop in the fridge to set for an hour.

Once firm, remove from the baking tray and peel back the parchment. Cut into 16 pieces.

Keep in the fridge for a week or freeze for 2 months.

Enjoy x