Food Waste and Misshapes


Some facts.. 


·      Roughly one third of food produced in the world each year gets wasted

·      Food loss amounts to roughly $1090 billion all together (including devolving countries as well as industrialised)

·      Even if just one fourth of the food currently lost or wasted globally could be saved, it would be enough to feed 870 million hungry people in the world.

·      The amount of food wasted in rich countries every year is nearly equivalent to the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa.

·      In developing companies 40% of loss happens post harvest and in industrialised 40% of loss happens at retail or consumer. Think about how many times you’ve not eaten something because it looks funny, not quite the right colour or shape etc.

·      At retail level, a lot of food is wasted due to appearance and not looking perfect.


Fact resource -  www.fao.org/save-food


The last two points is where I come in. Every little helps after all.


With making anything, not everything always goes to plan, it’s not always perfect and sometimes processes or things happen that will damage or effect the end product.


Chocolate can be unpredictable and sometimes marks can appear, it can crack or break, it can go matt instead of shiny, it can fat bloom or sugar bloom etc.


So for my little fight against food waste, when this occurs, I’ll put the chocolates on my shop (misshapes) at a discounted price. Currently some of my truffle and praline bars have been reduced from £3.85 to £1.00 and my buttons £2.65 to £0.80.


What is on here will change fast and sell out quickly as they’ll only be a batch of each that has gone wrong and I won’t make them intentionally. They will go up if and when a ‘not perfect’ batch happens.


I don’t like to let anything go to waste unless its moulding or rancid. I try to do my best to prevent this at home in any way I can by having clear out the fridge freezer meals, adding floppy sad looking vegetables to stews/soups/curries. Freezing fruit, making compotes or baking with it. Not over stocking the cupboards so I can use what I have and only repurchase an item when its ran out etc. This is the same with my business and stock, I keep a close eye on my ingredients and stock I haven't sold yet. Again, every little helps.


This is how I'm going to prevent food waste with Leitchy Creates. 

How are you going to do your little bit? Any tips and tricks? Anything you’d like to add? Please comment or email me your views.