Why Dairy Free?


So why dairy free? Well earlier this year I got diagnosed with a lactose interlace. I got ultrasounds, MRIs, blood tests and various sample tests. They thought the worse from bowel cancer to cervical cysts but it turns out my stomach was only flared up in in so much agony that I struggled to stand, when I ate dairy. So now I'm dairy free and I'm feeling 90% fine! I think there must be something else I haven't quite put my finger on yet, but that will be found out over time, I'm sure.

So because I've got to taste as I create or I could be making disgusting chocolates and would never know (wouldn't be ideal) my brand has got to be dairy free.

I've done quite a few stalls now and it's amazing and so interesting to hear about others stories and how common food intolerances are now. I find it rewarding and heart warming when someone gets excited over my products due to not been able to find chocolates that cater for their dietary requirements easily.

It's great to be able to provide something to someone who too struggles finding treats in the supermarket to satisfy their sweet cravings. 

I hope I can satisfy yours too, whether you're dairy free or just blooming love good quality chocolate!