Show and Tell - Lucuma


Lucuma - a Peruvian fruit 

It looks similar to an avocado to look at as its got the same hard green skin. Inside is a yellowy orange flesh that has the same texture as a hard boiled egg yolk.

The flesh tastes like a mix between sweet potato and caramel (imagine lucuma in brownies ! YUM!).

Often lucuma is then dried and used in baking or in my case, chocolate. It enhances flavours to add more depth and sweetness without effecting the overall taste of the bars. 

To me, it is has maple, butterscotch and caramel tones in chocolate. Great to use in my milk and white chocolate to add them sweeter, deeper tones. It also adds that 'creaminess' that is often missed in dairy free chocolate. I love it. 

It's also grown sustainably and I buy mine organic. Even more incredible. 

Try it in your smoothies or cookies etc. Let me know how you get on!