Show and Tell - Thermometer


I use an digital thermometer that calculates the temperature of anything and everything through an infrared light. This is more hygienic, accurate and efficient. It doesn’t require cleaning a wire probe each time and it can measure multiple temperatures at once, making it more time efficient.

It’s my favourite gadget in the kitchen as it’s just so easy, doesn’t require cleaning and yes, I’ve had some fun measuring temperatures of various things around my kitchen and of course, my self.. you know you would too!

I use my thermometer to test the temperature of my chocolate mainly. To temper the chocolate properly, it can’t reach above 47 degrees when heating. I like to heat mine up to around 41-43 degrees as I feel it tempers best at that starting temperature. I then pour it into a bowl and temper (stir and keep it in motion) until it reaches 31 degrees. Once its reached 31, you can then pour it into moulds, enrobe etc. Milk chocolate and white chocolate, I tend to take down to 28 degrees as it thickens up more at that temperature and as the milk and white chocolate have less or no cocoa powder added, it is a thiner mixture to start and therefore needs to be tempered for longer as it needs to be cooler and thicker to be able to work with it.

So my thermometer is an essential piece equipment for chocolate making. With out this, I could over heat the chocolate or I might not temper it for long enough or it might get too cold too quick and then I’d have to reheat and temper all over again.

I don’t use it for anything other than chocolate tempering. I have different thermometers that sit in my fridge to make sure it stays at its certain temperature but the infrared one is used just for that (and my brothers entertainment, like testing the temperature of his knees…)

Hope you enjoyed a little behind the scenes of Leitchy Creates. See you next week.