Things Have Changed...


Hello. So, when I first started this brand back in 2017 I wanted it to be accessible, as I still do! But my mentality towards food and health has changed, I've learnt and read a lot since then and I want my brand to stay true to me.

LeitchyCreates was and mainly still is free from. However I don't want to be the brand that fuels disordered eating or gives off the vibe that free from everything is better for you, because well its not. Everything in moderation I say. A little what you fancy does you good and you shouldn't ever cut anything out unless its for medical reasons. Your body wants variety and also you've gotta live and listen to those cravings! I also never want to be a fad. Food trends, phases, diets etc change so fast and I want my brand to last and stay strong throughout all of that.

A little of what you fancy does you good
— My Grandma

Instead I want to be the brand that caters for those who can't have dairy due to health reasons as I can't. In doing so that makes my brand vegan. I want to shout about the things that I believe in more now. I'm lactose intolerant myself so that won't change, so thats one thing that will always stay true. I also source my ingredients ethically, organic where possible and they're handmade by me in my kitchen in Yorkshire. My ingredients will always be ethically sourced and organic where possible. For now my chocolates are handmade by me and only me in my home kitchen in Yorkshire but who knows what will happen in the next few years. 

What I'm trying to say is my brands message is no longer -

100% natural, vegan, refined sugar free, gluten free, grain free, soy free and corn free (what a mouthful)

Instead it's -

Dairy free, ethically sourced, organic where possible and handmade in Yorkshire


I don't want any rules or strict labels, I want to be experiential and not be restricted. That been said, my chocolates probably will be 90% natural or 100% most of the time as I prefer those flavourings. I like the way natural fruit makes my chocolate taste, look and feel and I prefer the taste of coconut sugar in my chocolate compared to cane/caster etc. Again they'll probably be gluten free and grain free most of the time because my base for my chocolate is and most of the fillings I make are but say I want to include spelt or barley or rice, I can. If I want to share recipes in my blog with eggs, I can. You get the idea. 

I want my brand to grow with me and to let that happen it needs to stay true to me, what I believe in and my values and have no labels. I'm very excited to see how Leitchy Creates shapes with me now!

LC x