Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Leitchy and How do you pronounce it?

So Leitchy is my last name with a y on the end (Leitch) and is pronounced LeeChee. Think of the insect!  I was originally healthy Leitchy on Instagram but then turned into LeitchyCreates as It's a place where I share all my food creations and photography styling also. Plus I think it sounds more arty and professional.

What is raw?

Raw means that it's not been heated above 42 degrees and therefore it still contains all it's essential nutrients and enzymes which are destroyed through heating. So it's all about eating food in it's most nutritional state as the ingredients used are unprocessed, whole foods that are unrefined. 

What are the health benefits of eating raw?

Eating this way is super satisfying, 100% natural, wholesome, unprocessed, nutritious and will leave you feeling energised, helps to clear your skin and improves the immune system.

I don't eat sugar, what do you use to sweeten your chocolates?

I still use sugar to sweeten and take the edge off of the raw chocolate and filling. I use unrefined sugars - coconut sugar, dates/dried fruit and maple syrup that are natural sweeteners rather than refined and heavily processed sugars you find in confectionary in the supermarket. 

What is the shelf life on the chocolates?

They last for 3 months in a dry, dark and cool spot.

I can't eat gluten, grains or dairy, will I be able to eat these?

Yes. All my chocolates are Vegan and free from grains, gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugars.

Are your chocolates suitable for those with nut allergies?

I am afraid all my chocolates contain nuts.

How long does delivery take?

Allow 3-5 working days unless you've gone for first class, in which case allow 2 working days for your delivery to arrive. Please allow 7 working days for second or 3 for first before reporting a missing order. On most occasions however, I do aim to dispatch your order the very next day.

My order hasn't arrived

If it’s been 3 - 7 working days (depending on your chosen delivery) or more since you placed your order, get in touch! You can reach me at LeitchyCreates@gmail.com. However, our refund/product replacement policy is 14 days so if 2 weeks/14 days has passed since you placed your order and we can provide proof of posting, unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a refund or replacement of missing products.

Do you offer catering/bespoke orders for events/weddings/parties etc?

Yes, I've catered for private events and love creating personalised pieces. Send me an email with your requirements and enquiries – LeitchyCreates@gmail.com

Why have you used roasted peanut butter in one, making the praline no longer raw?

Peanuts on their own don't have the same rich flavour as those that have been toasted. I have used a very high quality peanut butter that roasts peanuts from Argentina. Which are the tastiest peanuts in my opinion and are also better for you too as they have a fat profile just like olive oil. They are also naturally sweeter so less sweetener is needed. They have the perfect balance of creaminess, saltiness, depth, roast and crunch. Roasted peanuts seriously set the praline above the bar. 

What's lucuma?

It's a Peruvian tropical fruit which has been dehydrated and ground into a powder. It gives a biscuity/buttery depth of flavour to caramel and creaminess to chocolate.