100% Natural, Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Grain Free, Gluten Free and Soy Free, Indulgent Treats.

The Idea

I've always had a gigantic sweet tooth. When I was diagnosed with a number of digestive issues, I was craving all the treats I wasn't able to eat anymore. I started experimenting with various natural baking recipes as well as raw baking. After a few courses in London, I started making and selling my treats at various stalls around Sheffield. The positive reaction I got was crazy. Also the amount of people who too suffered with the same or various other intolerances inspired me to work harder. I wanted to help others. I managed to cure my digestive issues purely by eating well and I want to show others they can too. 

Style & Quality

A small bite ends the meal perfectly. It's also a thoughtful gift and a bite to cure those cravings and make you smile. I've created natural chocolates that taste just as, if not more, indulgent than a shop bought bar or truffle. I've made natural indulgent, accessible and enjoyable.

100% Handmade

All my chocolates are made by me, in my home kitchen. Each batch is carefully made to a high quality. I pride myself on presentation as I believe we eat with our eyes and if a treat doesn't look delicious, we presume it won't taste good either. My chocolates vary in shape, size and how they are decorated. Each one is unique yet just as indulgent as the next.  They are all made with unrefined, natural ingredients too.